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Artist In Residence Indonesia

A three month Artist Residence in Yogyakarta to do research and art projects at Sewon Art Space [BMUKK]

sinopale 2012

This year I was invited to exhibit my project Looped Scroll at the 4th Biennal in Sinop, Turkey. The exhibition was located in a former juvenile prison for political prisoners that was still in use until the early 80ies. While showing my installation in this framework I also gave a workshop for local feminists…

TETESCHA US. she transcends borders

TETESCHA US from Stefanie Wuschitz on Vimeo.
sixpack films:
Der Trickfilm “Tetescha us – She is crossing borders” geht von einer zweifachen Aporie aus: von der Uneinlösbarkeit neutraler Bilder des Nahostkonflikts und der Unmöglichkeit, diesen als intakte inhaltliche Erzählung zu repräsentieren. Ausgangspunkt ist ein Comic-Workshop, den Filmemacherin Stefanie Wuschitz im palästinensischen Flüchtlingslager [...]

interactive storytelling

May 30th – June 3rd 2010
Exhibition June 7 th
The focus of this art workshop lies in the interaction between humans and
computers. We will explore new forms of creative expression through
generating interfaces to control animations. We will build DIY analog sensors
from everyday materials to make tangible user interfaces and connect them [...]