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The Nenek Project

The Nenek Project is a collaboration between artists, scientists and technologists focusing on female technologists in Yogyakarta born between 1934 and 1954.

Djinni in a Bottle

Ausstellung auf der VIENNAFAIR 2012 in Kooperation mit der Galerie Lisi Hämmerle, Stand A08

sinopale 2012

This year I was invited to exhibit my project Looped Scroll at the 4th Biennal in Sinop, Turkey. The exhibition was located in a former juvenile prison for political prisoners that was still in use until the early 80ies. While showing my installation in this framework I also gave a workshop for local feminists…

Looped Scroll

The installation Looped Scroll relates to the performance Interior Scroll by Carolee Schneemann from 1975. The Zoetrope shows a particular part of it. The sound for the installation is taken from a conversation Carolee Schneemann and Stefanie Wuschitz held in September 2010.

miss baltazar’s laboratory

Mz Baltazar’s Laboratory is a weekly event taking place in Vienna (Austria), specifically for persons who call themselves women or trans. If you love to make things, rather than consuming them, meet up at Mz Baltazar’s to share your skills. Mz Baltazar’s participants come from different backgrounds, ages and mindsets to exchange equipement, build circuits, [...]