Polyphonic Ovaries Disaster

exhibition in ‘das weisse haus’: neue arbeit

The Nenek Project

The Nenek Project is a collaboration between artists, scientists and technologists focusing on female technologists in Yogyakarta born between 1934 and 1954.

EASA bulgaria

WORKSHOP at EASA Bulgaria 2014. In collaboration with William Bodin of the Bartlett Universtiy, London.


Performance with kinetic feelers, at SewonArtSpace 2013.
PERFORMER: Vassia Valkaniote
SOUND: Asa Rahmana


CIT is a collective of architects, spacial planers and artists who want to use the empty industrial site called “Gaswerk Leopoldau” for artist interventions, performances, urban practices, studios, youth work, workshops, urban gardens and the celebration of sharing culture.


The Moss Clock is only allowed to tick, when an animal walks by


Die Zeichengruppe existiert seit 2008. Sie hat drei fixe Mitglieder, die sich wöchentlich treffen (Stefanie Wuschitz, Julia Seyr, Fabian Faltin), und stets wechselnde Gäste. Das Konzept und der Ablauf sind immer gleich: Alle beginnen zu zeichnen, dann werden die Zeichnungen getauscht und weitergezeichnet.

Jakie and Jako in Wonderland

This performance is shown in Taipei at Wolong29 on
08/28 (8pm)
08/31 (8 pm)
09/07 (8 pm)
09/10 (2.30 pm)
09/11 (2.30 pm)
I do the videos, live visuals and a graphic drawing that generates sound via Pure Data

mobile game: ars electronica center facade (in progress)

Our collective develops a game that can be played via smart phone.
The project is targeted to people passing AEC, who are present in the public space around the AEC fassade and
enables players to immediately interact with the system. Real time effects of the user’s interaction create a
meaningful dynamic between choices players take on their mobiles and what is visually displayed on the fassade.

wind clocks

I contributed to a project that was initiated by OKNO (Bruessels, cOL-mE (Bratislava) and ESC (Graz) looking at ways to sense wind and come up with new forms of measuring time.


Since 1993 and on invitation from different art institutions, the artist group WochenKlausur develops concrete proposals aimed at small, but nevertheless effective improvements to socio-political deficiencies. Proceeding even further and invariably translating these proposals into action, artistic creativity is no longer seen as a formal act but as an intervention into society.


A multiplayer game in real space (Bildmuseet, Sweden 2009), enabling the player to become part of a journey to the starfish


Musician Niko Maly (Vienna), performer Sergio Solis (Mexico City), media artist Delphine Mei (Taipei) and I played with a mixture of live dada drawing, action, tech, good old happening and noise to come up with our own kind of Fluxus.

drawing collective

drawing collective:  fabian faltin, julie seyr, stefanie wuschitz, thomas gegner
A group of artists meeting weekly to draw together and add to each others drawings until there is no question of authorship left. There are no rules, except for the ones we make up, there is no aim, except for getting in the right mood to [...]

DIY projectors

workshop | light installation
may 6 – 9th 2010
I brought along the parts and pieces for mounting DIY projectors, but not the actual image to be projected.
The participants in the workshop experimented with the construction of these simple LED projector and the choice
of images for the animation. The sequential display of the projected images had a [...]


hands-on, creative workshop & interactive installation
March 17. – 20. 2010
March 20. 2010, 7 – 9 PM  public Installation.
aa-vv workshop invitation: Natalia Borissova

Focusing on uniting sustainable low tech and untypical materials with
high tech in a poetic and fluent way, we were creating changeable
patterns, forms and shapes within [...]

noisy friends


a project by audrey samson and stefanie wuschitz
in collaboration with OKNO, an artist-run organisation for art and media technology
The idea was to detect bio feedback of plants,
send this data from the garden (over a radio frequency connection)
into okno and transform it into music.

interactive storytelling

May 30th – June 3rd 2010
Exhibition June 7 th
The focus of this art workshop lies in the interaction between humans and
computers. We will explore new forms of creative expression through
generating interfaces to control animations. We will build DIY analog sensors
from everyday materials to make tangible user interfaces and connect them [...]