Polyphonic Ovaries Disaster

Expert-talks: Philipp Ehmann, Wolfgang Fiel, Matthias Tarasiewicz, Stefanie Wuschitz

cover public space and relational perspectives

My chapter in this book is called: Creating mobile media and social change?

The Nenek Project

The Nenek Project is a collaboration between artists, scientists and technologists focusing on female technologists in Yogyakarta born between 1934 and 1954.

PhD: Feminist Hackerspaces

My dissertation at the Visual Culture Unit of the University of Technology Vienna with the title ‘Feminist Hackerspaces. A Research on Feminist Space Collectives in Open Culture.’


CIT is a collective of architects, spacial planers and artists who want to use the empty industrial site called “Gaswerk Leopoldau” for artist interventions, performances, urban practices, studios, youth work, workshops, urban gardens and the celebration of sharing culture.

TEDx on Mz Baltazar’s Lab


The Moss Clock is only allowed to tick, when an animal walks by

Talk at Transmediale 2011

TED talk Bratislava

This is a lecture about my organisation MISS BALTAZAR’S LABORATORY, describing women’s access to Open Source tools and hardware. It was recorded 21st of May 2011
She will be talking about why it is important to encourage women to learn new tools and collaborate and to fight the cliché that technology is a ‚guy thing‘.


In the last five years, Syria has experienced an increase in Western imports and considerable growth within the IT field. While Syria’s one party socialist system is adapting neoliberal economic strategies that encourage repression, young female artists use the opportunity to examine new tools of artistic expression. My research focuses on the application of new technologies by young women artists in Syria.


I’m writing on my doctorate at the University of Technology, Vienna. My advisor is Prof. Peter Mörtenböck at the Visual Culture Unit of the architecture department. In the last semester I took a field trip to New York (US) and Damascus (Syria) in order to do research on ”Female Developers of Interactive Technology in Public Space”.
Together [...]

Electronics Workshop

I’m teaching this class at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, at the Department for Digital Art.
Here is the description:

In den Block Veranstaltungen am 15. und 30. November sowie dem 7. Dezember experimentieren wir zunächst mit den wichtigsten Elektronikteilen zum Erstellen einfacher interaktiver Schaltkreise: LEDs, Widerstände, Potentiometer, Servos, Amplifyer Chips, Piezos. Bitte nehmt alte Lautsprecher mit, [...]

Project Science Fashion

This seminar takes place at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. I’m teaching it together with fashion designer Markus Hausleitner, who founded the label “house of the very island’s royal club division middlesex klassenkampf, but the question is: where are u, now?“ and artist Erich Berger. It is called “Decision-Takers” which has a double meaning [...]