Stefanie Wuschitz works at the intersection of research, art and technology, with a particular focus on feminist hackerspaces, open source technology and peer production. She graduated with an MFA in 2006. 2008 she completed her Masters at the Interactive Telecommunication Program at TISCH School of the arts at NYU and became Digital Art Fellow at Umeå University in Sweden. 2009 she founded the feminist hackerspace Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory in Vienna, encouraging technology that is developed from a female perspective. In 2014 she finished her PhD with the title ‘Feminist Hackerspaces. A Research on Feminist Space Collectives in Open Culture’ at the Vienna University of Technology. October until June 2015 she held a part-time Post-Doc position at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, co-organizing the Open Hardware Summit Europe and co-editing the publication ‘Openism. Conversations on Open Hardware’. Since March 2015 Stefanie is part of a research group at the University of Michigan (School of Information). 2016 to 2017 she worked in the PEEK project ‘Data Publics’, initiated by Prof. Peter Mörtenböck. Currently she is involved in RIAT (Research Institute for Art and Technology) and heading Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory (feminist hackerspace and artist collective). Stefanie was giving international workshops e.g. at the University of Michigan, Kunsthochschule Kassel, Institute of Contemporary Art Moscow, Bartlett University College London, Shih-Chien University Taipei, Transmediale Berlin, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Harvest Works NYC and exhibiting internationally e.g. Arthall Budapest HU 2004, Gallery The Parlour, UK 2005, Goethe Institute Damaskus, SY, 2006, Kunsthaus Graz, AT, 2007, Videonale Kunstmuseum Bonn, 2007, Sinopale Sinop TUR, ITP Spring and Winter Show US 2007, Austrian Cultural Forum, US, 2007, Northern Center of Photography FI, 2008, Länsmuseet Västernorrland SE 2009, Norrlands Operan SE 2009, WOCHENKLAUSUR, UK 2011, Fringe Festival Taipei 2011, Academy of Fine Arts Krakow 2011, OKNO, Brüssel 2012, Science Friction 2014 DK, GPL Contemporary 2014, Bouillants FR 2015, Jogja Contemporary, ID 2015, Art|Jog|8 ID 2015, House of Electronic Arts CH 2015 among others.


Post Doc Vienna University of Technology, 2016: PEEK project ‘Data Publics’ with Prof. Peter Mörtenböck
Post Doc University of Applied Arts Vienna, 2015: EU project ‘Appertus°’ with Matthias Tarasiewicz
Research Group University of Michigan 2015: Tech Culture Matters, School of Information, Prof. Lindtner

Senior Artist University of Applied Arts Vienna 2011-2014: Department of Digital Media Art
University Lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 2009 – 2012: Department IKR, Univ.Prof. Elke Gaugele
PhD University of Technology Vienna 2009 – 2014: Visual Cultures Unit, Univ-Prof. Peter Mörtenböck
1-year Digital Art Fellowship 2008 – 2009: HUMlab, Umeå University, Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden
Master Program at New York University, Winter 2006 – Spring 2008: Tisch School of the Arts, Master of Professional Studies (ITP)
University of Applied Arts Vienna, Winter 2001 – Spring 2006: Media Art, Univ. Prof. Brigitte Kowanz, With Honors
Art University Linz, Winter 2000 – Spring 2001: Experimental Visual Art, Univ. Prof. Peter Lachmayer


2013 Artist Studio and Grant by the Austrian Government, Artist Residency Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 3 months
2011 Stipend: Johanna-Dohnal-Prize 2011
2010 Grant Faculty of Architecture & Spacial Planing f. Architektur & Raumplanung, Technische Universität Wien
08-09 Digital Arts Fellowship HUMlab, 12-month Affiliation to Umeå Institute of Design, University of Umeå
06-08 Scholarship of New York University Interactive Telecommunications Program
06-07 Arbeitsstipendium University of Applied Arts, Vienna, BM:BWK
06-10 Sixpackfilm Artist Videogallery, video “Tetescha us”
2005 Leistungsstipendium University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2005 Stipendium für fachspezifische Kurse im Ausland University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2005 Projektbezogenes Finanzierungs-Stipendium University of Applied Arts, Vienna


Looped Scroll, Yogyakarta 2015


Looped Scroll, Vern-Sur-Seiche 2015

NENEK PROJECT, Yogyakarta 2015

Data Shaddow, Graz 2014

De-Othering Machine, Vienna 2014

Revolutionsfrucht, Graz, 2014

Science Friction, Copenhagen, 2013

Mooszillator/in, Vienna, 2012

Selbstläufer, Vienna 2012

Selbstläufer, Bregenz 2012

Moss Clock, Brüssel 2012

Looped Scroll, Wien 2012

De-Othering Machine, Wien 2012

Interior Loop, Wien 2012

DIY Art-aktiv: Künstlerworkshop

De-Othering Machine, Linz 2011

De-Othering Machine, Krakau 2011

¡Dadada!, Taipei 2011

Interactive Drawing, Hualien 2011

DADADA¡¡¡¡¡¡¡, Kauchung 2011

Suburbs, Vienna 2011

Feminist DIY, Vienna 2011

¡Dadada! Vienna 2011

Vagina Dentata Vienna 2010

Art|Jog|8, Taman Budaya, 6.6 – 28.6.2015

Critical Make exhibition, House of Electronic Arts, 23.-29.04.2015

Le Genre, Bouillants, 4.4.-31.05.2015

THE NENEK PROJECT, Jogja Contemporary, 10.3.-25.3.2015

The Ministry of Hacking, ESC Medienkunstlabor, 27.9.- 28.11.

Open Systems, GPL Contemporary, 14.1.2014 – 13.2.2014

Solo exhibition at Kunstgarten Graz, June 1st until July 1st 2013

Collaborative site-specific reactive sound installation, 29.-31.3

Installation, Klangmanifeste, Wien, Messe Wien, 5.-14.12-12

3D Print, ViennaFair, exhibition: Djinni in a Bottle, 20.-23.9.12

3D Print, Gallery Lisi Hämmerle, Bregenz 15.5.- 30.6.12

Time Inventors Kabinet, OKNO, 10.-13.05.12

Schauraum, Museumsquartier, Wien, 23.03. – 06.05.12

Exhibition: Gesichtsfelder , ZS art Galerie, Wien

Zoetrope installation. Schauraum Museumsquartier, 22.03.12

Museum of Communication, Frankfurt, 27.01.2012

Exchange Radical Moments Life Art Festival. 11.11.2011

Suburbs, Academy of Fine Arts Krakow, Poland, 7- 30.10.2011

Fringe Festival Taipei, 28.08 – 11.09.2011

Public Art Festival, Dong Hwa University, Taiwan, 17-21.09.11

Dogpig Art Café, 15.09.2011

Alte Schieberkammer, 21.7.-29.7., Polen – Österreich

Transmediale Berlin 2.-5.2.11, Workshop, Panel

Interactive Fluxus Performance, Raum D, MQ, 17.01.11

Interactive installation Werkzeug h. 11.11.-21.01.11

WOCHENKLAUSUR, Plymouth 2011Interactive Art Workshop NYC

for Women Artists USA, 2010

Community based Art Work, Effort, UK, 8. – 28.3.2011

3-days Workshop and Presentation, Harvestworks, NYC and NYC Resistor, Brooklyn

Interactive Storytelling, Syria, 2010 8-days Workshop & interactive Install., Beit Al-Nofaraa
DIY projectors, Rotterdam, 2010

Workshop and interactive Installation, Worm, 5-8.05

Are You Conductive?, Germany 2010

Poetic Electronics Workshop, Brienner, 16-20.03.

Super Simple Robots, Czech Rep, 2009

Interactive water-Robot, Prague

Noisy Friends, Belgium 2009

Interactive plants, OKNO Brüssel, 17.-22.08.

Eclectic Tech Carnival Sweden 2009 Conference, 8.–12.07, Bildmuseet & HUMlab, Umeå University
Busqueda, Sweden 2009MÖTE09, Sweden 2009

3 LJUDverk, Sweden 2009

Touch Diamond, Sweden 2009

Bundle of Voices, USA 2008

The Sign of Fear, Finland 2008

ITP Winter Show, USA 2007

mit Gabriel Adauto und Calle Engqvist It’s About Time

Norrlands Operan, Black Box, Galleri Verkligheten

Interactive Mobile Storytelling, Länsmuseet Västernorrland

ICEHOTEL, interactive Ice-Sculpture

ITP Spring Show, NYC: Student Show, Mobile Application

Northern Center of Photography in Oulu

Kamkaj mobile application, “Singing Swing“ interact. installstion

Screening Teteschaus:Galeria Hippolyte Helsinki, Finland 2007

Austrian Cultural Forum, USA 2007

ITP Spring Show 2007, USA 2007

Videonale Kunstmuseum Bonn, 2007

”The Sign of Fear”, group show with Günter Brus, Ville Mäkikoskela, Harri Pälviranta„Tricky women festival“, NYC, Video Screening “Tetescha us”

„The Bed Stuy Comic Project“, NYC, interactive story telling

Screening von Video “Tetscha us“

Kunsthaus Graz, Austria 2007 “Erzählungen -35/65+“, Screening “Tetschaus“
MediaArtLab Graz, Austria 2006

Screening “Tetschaus“

Goethe Institute Damaskus, Syria 2006

Sound Installation mit Zeichnungen, „Enti Hunna“

Gallery The Parlour, GB 2005 London, Screening von Video “Fruchtlos“
Technisches Museum Wien, Vienna. 2005

Computer Game “Maniganda”

Arthall Budapest, Ungarn 2004 Urban Orient.ation, Video und Sound Installation


Coded Cultures Festival, Vienna, 22.5.2016

Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna, 2016

University of Applied Arts, Vienna, 2015/16

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 21.1.2014

Kunsthochschule Kassel, Kassel, 12.-16.5. 2014

WAFTlab, Indonesia, Surabaya, 18.12.2014

EASA Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, 25.7.- 4.9.2014

Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 12.2.-18.2.2013

Bartlett University College London, (Architecture) 7.1.-14.1.2013

Shih-Chien University.Taiwan. 3.4.12 – 9.4.2012

Treasure Hill Artist village, Open Lab. Taiwan 15.4.2012

Shitiping. Taiwan. Guest Artist. 17-21.09, 2011

Treasure Hill Taipei Artist Village. 17-19.08.2011

Platform4, Miss Baltazar, Denmark, 27.-29.06.2011

Déjà Vu, Temporäre Bühne für den Alltag, 5.7. 2011

Make Me Festival, Belgrade, 10.-14.06. 2011

Lecture Performance Kultur Waggon Frankfurt, 28.5.2011

Feminist DIY Kick Off, HfG Offenbach, 25.5. – 28.5.2011

TEDx Bratislava, Slovakia, 21.5.2011

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), 18.5.2011

Sonification Worklab, Contemporary Art in Graz, 2011

Transmediale Berlin, , 2.-3. Feb, 2011

Lecture, School of Visual Arts, NYC, Sept. 14th 2010

Edit-A-Thon Wikipedia, Mz Baltazar’s Lab

THE NENEK PROJECT, In: Social Glitch

Grammar & Architecture of New Media

ATTINY microcontroler workshop

Open Hardware Workshop

ATTINY microcontroler

International Architecture Convention

Interactive Art Workshop, J. Backstein

Co-teaching with artist Ruairi Glynn

Department of Communications Design

Noise Instrument Workshop

Terrace Environment Artist Workshop

Taiwan: Interactive Art for children

Aalborg: Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory

Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory

Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory

Feminist Electronic Noise Toys

Elektronic Media Department

Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory

Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory

Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory

Take Your Time, OKNO

Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory

Computer Arts

University Salzburg, Dozentin „ditact: women’s IT summer studies“

Wearable Technology

Lecturer Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien. WS 2010/11Lecturer Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Wien. Digitale Kunst

WS 2010/11, SS 2010, WS 09/10, WS 11/12, SS 2012

“Science Fashion”

Human-Computer Interface“

Architecture or Media

Lecturer an der Technischen Universität Wien WS 09/10European September Academy Technical University Wien

Playing as methodological

approach in spatial research

Umeå, Pushing the limits exhibition, SE, April 2009

Electronics Workshop

Umeå Institute of Design, SE, Februar und April 2009

Interaction Workshop

Umeå Institute of Design, Interactive Art Department,Elektronik & interaktive Kunst, Sommersemester 2008/9

Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory

Workshop & Lecture, Experience Technology moduleHyper Island, Stockholm & Karlskrona, SE, Oktober 08

Art with Mobile Media

Workshop Zine-Design”und Storyboards, Spring 2008

Lower East Side Girls Club

Video/Photo/Comic Workshops USA ‘07, Libanon ‘05, Syria ‘03

Art Workshops for kids


Ars Electronica Center – Convention VIS-A-VIS Medien.Kunst.Bildung
‘Feministische Hackerspaces. Feministische Raum Kollektive im Bereich Open Culture’, January 28, 2016

Open Hardware Summit Europe: Feminist Hackerspaces, April 28, 2016

Maker Faire Vienna: Feminist Hackerspaces, April 17, 2016

AIL Vienna Bastard CROWD Expert Talks, Innovation Laboratory, The Nenek Project, May 8, 2015

University of Michigan (US) Panel Discussion: Making Hacked: Labor, Free Culture&Citizen Science, Cory Doctorow, Stefanie Wuschitz, Irina Aristarkhova, Matt Kenyon, 20.11.2014

New School NYC (US) LISA 2013 – Leaders in Software and Art, panel, OPEN SOURCE ART, 1.11.2013

Context Hacking, Salzburg, University of Salzburg, Contemporary Arts & Cultural Production, 18.10.2012

Paraflows Festival, Vienna, Reverse Engineering, Museumsquartier, “Hacking Feminism“, 15.9.2012

Taiwan National University. Taiwan, New Media Art Department, “Carolee Schneemann and Women in Technology“,12.4.2012

Kunstverein Frankfurt, DIY Art-aktiv: „Geekas und Geekushas. Kollektive, feministische Kunstpraktiken“, Frankfurt, 26.01.2012

Department for Interface Cultures, De-Othering Machine, University of Art and Design, Linz, 25.10.2011

Public Art Festival of Dong Hwa University Hualien Taiwan, 17-21.09, 2011

Fringe Festival Taipei, 28.08 – 11.09.2011

Bended Realities Festival Frankfurt – Waggon am Kulturgleis, 27. – 29.5.2011

Conference: BODY:RESPONSE – Biomedial Politics in the Age of Digital Liveness, Berlin 2-6 Feb 2011

Coordination, Space RE:solutions. Intervention & Research in Visual Culture Conference, Vienna 21-23.10.10

Campus Party, Madrid, 15. April 2010, Lecture international conference Madrid

HUMlab Podium, Juni 09, “Artistic Research”, Bruce Damer, Galen Brandt, Ele Carpenter, Erica Robles

Portfolio Präsentation Jänner 09, Theater Sagateatern Umeå, Schweden, Karlskrona, Schweden

Tactical Media Conference April 07, The Change You want to See, Brooklyn, USA


Kunsthalle Wien, Künstler-Video-Archivs of Ursula Blickle Stiftung

Video Edition Austria – release 02, Medienwerkstatt Wien

Videonale Online Archive – 2012 Videonale im Kunstmuseum Bonn

Most important peer review activities, editorships and/or memberships in arts-based research organisations








Co-Editor of the book ‘Openism. Conversations in Open Culture’

Advisory Committee of the Digital Communities category at Prix Ars Electronica

Advisory board for Media Art Prize 2015, government of Salzburg

Advisory board for Film and New Media, for the Vienna City Government, MA7

Peer Reviewer for the Journal of Peer Production (http://peerproduction.net/)

Videonale Online Archive – 2012 Videonale at art musem Bonn

Digital Arts Fellowship HUMlab, 12-month Affiliation Institute of Design, Univ. of Umeå

Sweden (Kempe Foundation), Arts-based research

Research Trips and Residencies

Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Artist Residence, July, August, September 2013, BMUKK

New York City, September 2010: School of Visual Arts, Harvestworks, Market Hotel, NYCresistor

Damaskus, Mai 2010: Beit Al-Nofaraa, Austrian Embassy in Damascus

Hualien Artist Village, Dong Hwa University Hualien Taiwan, September 2011

International Sinop Biannual, Turkey, 1st August-12th September 2012

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