The de-othering machine will be functioning again at the exhibition OPEN SYSTEMS. Please come to the website on the 14th of January at 7 pm


Performance with kinetic feelers, at SewonArtSpace 2013.
PERFORMER: Vassia Valkaniote
SOUND: Asa Rahmana

Rumah Hacker

The video compares the traditional women-centered tribe house of the Minang Kabau (West Sumatra) with the traditional men-centered Hackerspace of the hacker culture.


Prototype of a set of Infrared Light Boxes with secret signal to the viewer, visible only through the use of a digital camera or smartphone


Five 3D printed cash machines interlaced into each other.

Artist In Residence Indonesia

A three month Artist Residence in Yogyakarta to do research and art projects at Sewon Art Space [BMUKK]


Sound installation allowing users to plug earphones into wooden fruits on a tree, telling about the syrian revolution.


CIT is a collective of architects, spacial planers and artists who want to use the empty industrial site called “Gaswerk Leopoldau” for artist interventions, performances, urban practices, studios, youth work, workshops, urban gardens and the celebration of sharing culture.

MOSSZILLATOR die mooszillatorin

The Mosszillator detects movement and squeezing and reacts with different sounds

Djinni in a Bottle

Ausstellung auf der VIENNAFAIR 2012 in Kooperation mit der Galerie Lisi Hämmerle, Stand A08

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